Sunday, March 15, 2009

Eternal Optimist Answers Reader Question

I read this letter to the editor in my local newspaper – which heaven help me, I do not know how we started receiving again, but then one day my wife tells me how, she felt bad for the college kid again in the rain selling subscriptions, so here it is again on our front walk every day getting soggy, then getting thrown away – and this guy, call him KH, wrote a letter asking this question: “Most people make less than $250,000, so why would any of these people vote Republican?”

Now this is why I don’t like to (a) get the paper (b) read the paper (c) pay for the paper. You look at that and say “is it really possible for people to actually know how to read and write, yet be able to ask that question in all sincerity?” Apparently, yes. So I stop fuming and sit down to write a non-sarcastic response, which I know is what God uses to teach me during Lent to deal with my basic anger and arrogance.

Here are a few answers. Obama and the Democrats insist on using taxpayer funds to pay for abortions. This means people like me, who make a lot less than $250,000 per year, have to cough up money they earn to subsidize rich doctors who murder babies for profit. This is immoral and obscene. Democrats don’t care – it fits their social agenda. They think it is a good idea to kill mostly black babies by dousing them with salt, cutting them in pieces or, in case someone waits until the baby is almost born, sticking scissors in their brains and sucking their brains out. All this is like a civic duty. Republicans oppose the expansion of abortion rights and seek to reverse Roe v. Wade. Please tell me if I got any basic facts wrong in this last paragraph.

Obama and the Democrats are going to run a $1.7 trillion deficit this year alone. This is more money than we spent since 2002 on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, combined. We will go broke doing this, since we DO NOT ACTUALLY HAVE THIS MONEY. I would like to repeat this concept: WE DO NOT ACTUALLY HAVE THIS MONEY. Somehow I get worked up over this, but 54% of the population actually voted for this, and think it is a good idea, so I routinely doubt my own sanity.

Anyway, when the country goes broke – and contrary to popular belief, countries do go broke, regularly – it will be uncomfortable for the rich, but it will devastate people like me making under $250,000 a year. So I don’t want the deficit, not 141 billion per month, or 4.6 billion per day, or 190 million an hour, or 3 million a minute, or $50,000 per second. That’s how $1.7 trillion per year “trickles down,” to use a popular phrase. I keep trying to get a grip on this, but I’m having trouble. I also don’t want a 5 quadrillion deficit or 149 bazootykillion deficit or whatever it will be next year, when a 1 billion dollar coin with Obama on it buys bubble gum at the machine at the supermarket.

Tax increases will not solve our rapidly increasing deficits. Our government has to stop spending so much money. Let me repeat this for emphasis, in caps, since I cannot actually raise my voice while writing: STOP SPENDING SO MUCH MONEY. The Democrats have made it clear that they want the government to expand even faster. This is wrong and will hurt the country, just like continuing to ram the Titanic into the iceberg after you realize you are taking on water. Republicans at least try to slow the rate of growth of the government. That’s probably not enough, but at least it slows the sinking down a little, so more survivors can get into life boats.

The tax increases on those making $250,000 a year or more will not be enough to fund the deficits Democrats are running. For KH, the writer of the strange question that started this rant, this means that unless you are unemployed and living off my money, just wait a little bit and your taxes will be going up, too. At that point maybe you’ll be asking different questions, like where can I find me a Democrat and did I sight in my 30-06 recently.

Hope this helps.


Eternal Optimist

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