Thursday, July 12, 2012


Eternal Optimist recently read an engrossing short novel, titled "Crigler's Fork," which is available on Kindle.  You can order it here.  Kyle Blevins, the protagonist, is a small town sheriff's deputy in the mountains of Appalachia, deep in southwest Virginia.  His investigation of a routine traffic death leads him into a mystifying and increasingly nightmarish world of guns, drugs, and murder, as he tries to pick up the pieces of his own life, battered by divorce and an idiotic boss.  The story is at the same time laugh-out-loud funny and unnerving, as Kyle struggles through a bizarre crowd of humanity and events in a desperate effort to get to the truth before his world falls apart.  Set against the brooding and exquisite beauty of the southern Appalachian mountains, the book is fast moving, entertaining, and satisfying.  A great summer read!

Note: Eternal Optimist has been acquainted with the author and his family for many years, and is obviously interested in the success of "Crigler's Fork."  Notwithstanding the caveat, you will enjoy the book!


  1. Has the art of opining now been degraded to the level a common book review? This is a shameless example of self promotion EO. I can't believe you would allow such wagering to go on in your casino. Nevertheless, I'm ordering my copy ASAP. By the way, how much to option the film rights?

  2. wonderful read - filled with good Christian peeps...

  3. Having been acquainted with the author for many years myself, I am somewhat chagrined that he seems to have conspired with Amazon to use the release of his tome as enticement toward purchasing a Kindle.......back in the day it would come out in paperback eventually, at a less greivous price. I suspect it will make it to paperback at some point, much like movies come out in dvd/blueray, thereby allowing my cheapskate wallet to procure it.....:-)

  4. Great read. Unable to put it down after reading the first page. Read it in three days because of the content. This has only happened three times in my life. Well worth the time.

    Doc Truly