Monday, September 7, 2009


Dear Readers,

My wife mentioned casually last night it has been two months since I posted a blog entry. So sorry for my slovenly attitude. When the wife makes mention of things like that, casual like, without explanation, it is usually a sign from God that means I had better shape up and fly right. So here I am at the keyboard.

By way of excuse - actually, more by way of explanation than excuse - we just moved to a new, far more southern and far more conservative state. It is also a much hotter state. Many of my liberal friends say that it is hotter than hell because it is in fact worse than hell. I say they are distorting the facts, much as they do with health care statistics, but I am not here to quibble about the weather or the health care debate. In any event, the combination of heat and respite from reading the papers, plus landing in a new job, generally knocked the idea of a blog right out of my head.

It is in fact very hot here. But, I like hot, so me and the weather are getting along famously. Nevertheless, I am only here for a year, on detail by my employer to help train new employees in the intricate realities of what it is we do here at the Department of Ginormousness (DOG). Soon I will return to the more liberal, more arrogant and much colder region I have inhabited for a decade. I am sure to miss the heat and the general politeness here in Hotville like nobody's business, so there is nothing to do but enjoy it while it lasts. And speaking of enjoying things, one of the benefits of being in a lower-stress job in Hotville is that I get to read more for pleasure and less for work.

In consequence of this new found liberty, during the move I picked up and read, while sweating like a pig and taking lots of extra Advil to deal with my aching back, a terrific book, titled "What's So Great About Christianity?" by Dinesh D'Souza. I've read a number of public policy articles by D'Souza, who is an excellent writer, but never a book. I was not disappointed. He writes crisp and facile prose, stays away from ad hominem attacks, and thinks clearly. He has taken on a wonderfully interesting subject. The result is an intensely readable book, and sorely needed: an energetic, intelligent and entertaining defense of Christianity. Since there are right now probably a dozen virulent anti-Christian rants floating about in the stagnant pond we call the New York Times best seller list, D'Souza's book is a welcome counter-weight.

So, come visit us in Hotville, but before you do, please read D'Souza's book so we can talk about it.

Eternal Optimist

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