Saturday, July 17, 2010


I love soccer (football, futbol, Fußball, Футбольный, フットボール).

I loved playing it, I love watching it. I love the fact that players run 6-7 miles worth of 40 yard wind sprints in a 90 minute game. Try that sometime, see how it feels.

I love that it is profoundly difficult to score a goal. I love that the two best teams in the world beat each other's brains out for 116 minutes until one scored.

I love that weak teams that decide to play determined defense can routinely tie or beat much stronger teams, so that every week is a nail-biting crap shoot, even for the best teams.

And I love the insane ball control tricks that professional players toss off so casually.

Watch this. Roberto Carlos (bald head, bare feet) Ronaldinho (shirtless) and Robinho (shoes), just goofing.

Oh, why not watch another one? This is Robinho again, during a game.

Looks easy, right?

Finally, Eternal Optimist loves the fact that the little guys from Barcelona beat everyone this year.

Xavi Hernandez (right) and Andres Iniesta.
The Untouchables.

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