Monday, January 10, 2011


The man who shot Congresswoman Giffords and more than a dozen other people Saturday had some internet postings.

You can read them here.

Figuring out why criminals commit crimes is usually a very tricky business. That is why, ordinarily, we don't make people's motivation a part of the definition of a crime. People are very complicated, internally. Especially the mentally ill.

Democratic politicians and media types have it all figured out, though, in the case of Jared Lee Loughner, the shooter in Tucson. They know that he was inspired to shoot 19 strangers in broad daylight by Sarah Palin, because she used a bullseye on her website as a symbol to "target" races she thought were critical during the 2010 election. The race involving Congresswoman Giffords was one of the "targeted" races.

Never mind there is no evidence Loughner ever read anything by Sarah Palin.

Never mind Loughner is apparently fixated on government's efforts at mind control through grammar. Yes, you read that correctly.

Never mind Loughner is living in a world almost entirely of his own construction, impervious to outside influences.

Apparently the new liberal mantra is that using any symbols or language derived in any way from firearms causes psychotics to shoot lots of people in parking lots. In Tucson. If this theory were motivated solely by hysteria it would be risible. The fact that it is a calculated political strategy makes it malevolent.

Using this new liberal theory of causation, we should be banning lots of stuff.

1. All mention of global warming by Al Gore, as it caused the World Trade bombing on 9-11. Now don't get mad: remember, under liberal rules we don't actually have to show that two events are connected before we can condemn something we don't like and connect it with mass murder.

2. Democrats who have "targeted" Sarah Palin. Obviously they are hoping for an attack by some mentally ill person.

3. Rahm Emmanuel, for targeting corporate donors. Clearly he is hoping some nut will take their money.

4. Nancy Pelosi, for targeting Congressional budget leaders over health care issues. No doubt Pelosi has already stimulated some mentally disturbed liberal to commit mass murder.

5. Harry Reid for targeting power plant emissions. This is an obvious attempt to stimulate terrorist attacks on our infrastructure.

6. Lyndon Baynes Johnson, RIP, for starting a War on Poverty. In retrospect it becomes apparent that LBJ meant to massacre poor people.

Liberals really need to calm down and try to stop being nutty. First it was the George Bush = Hitler whackos. Next it was the Sarah Palin = Hitler crowd. Now mainstream Democrats are arguing that Sarah Palin has grammar-mind-control-powers over a psychotic and made him shoot a conservative Democrat in Arizona.

This stuff makes "birther" conspirators look like the Buddha.

If the new standard of political speech is that we cannot say anything over which a psychotic might obsess, that leaves a pretty narrow band of available speech. The word to describe that narrow band would be "nothing."


  1. Amen, and Roger that. DTT


  3. how much of a waste of time it was to read such republican right wing dribble.

  4. Dear Rico,

    Ordinarily, someone who resorts to insult lacks a convincing response to an argument. I take that to be the case here, as the current effort to tie Sarah Palin to Mr. Loughner is indefensible.

    Perhaps your message is an example of the new civility President Obama yearned for during last night's speech?

    More disturbing than either your lack of manners or lack of substance is your error of diction. The correct word is "drivel."

    Eternal Optimist

  5. dude, sounds like you are the one making it political. the guy is a nutjob, that is it... :\

  6. This was a lot of fun! Sounds like some of the heated correspondence between Jefferson and Adams in their day!

  7. Jefferson: "dude."
    Adams: You are a nutjob.
    Jefferson: what a waste of time listening to your dribble.
    Adams: The word is "drivel."
    Jefferson: Whatever.