Friday, April 1, 2011


The current estimate for cleaning up the tsunami disaster in Japan is $300 billion.

Our current year's deficit is $1.6 trillion.

That means my government of "Hope and Change" here in fat 'Merica is, during this 12 month period, borrowing 5 times as much as Japan will spend to clean up after one of the most devastating natural disasters of the last century.

Since the numbers are getting so silly, think of this year's deficit as 5 Tsunamis. It's April Fool's day today, so we've completed one-quarter of our year. That means we've accumulated 1.25 Tsunamis of debt so far this year. Right here in 'Merica.

This is the deficit that the Obama Administration refuses to take seriously. The budget proposed by the administration will result in $9.5 trillion more in deficits in the next 10 years. Think of that as 31 more Tsunamis of debt.

At least, that's what the Congressional Budget Office says. Their estimates of budget consequences are usually not as ridiculous as the White House's, but nevertheless they usually fall far short of sad reality.

So think of $9.5 trillion as the lowest reasonable estimate of how much the federal debt will increase. The debt currently tops $14 trillion.

14 trillion is about 46 Tsunamis of total debt. Add 31 Tsunamis and we get 77 Tsunamis of debt.

And right now all the news is about a nuclear power plant in Japan that did not go Chernobyl?

I want to be in the final fight scene in Seven Samurai. Give me a sword and some rice and I will die in the mud and the rain killing bandits come to steal our crops.

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