Wednesday, January 25, 2012


"The Amish and Christian Scientists have a conscientious objection to health insurance, and so the law exempts them from buying it. The government acknowledges the right of these religious groups to live out their religious convictions in US society. Why are beliefs of Catholics and others dismissed?"
      - Sister Mary Ann Walsh, director of media relations, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Because there are 249,000 Amish and less than 200,000 Christian Scientists.   The Amish and Christian Scientists already have their exemptions from Social Security and Medicare, so the Administration can pretend they aren't there.

There are about 54,000,000 adult Catholics (24% of the U.S. adult population of about 225,500,000).  If they get "opt out fever," over the "conscience thing," as Nancy Pelosi calls it, Obamacare goes bankrupt.  Especially if Catholics start influencing other conservative religious groups to opt out. 

Simple equation, really.  The Administration cannot afford to have Catholics upsetting the apple cart.  Rather then step back from a policy that has them trampling people's consciences and religious beliefs, the Administration decided to force a Constitutional fight. 

That's just Hope & Change, I guess.

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