Thursday, September 6, 2012


Pretty interesting last night listening to the Democratic faithful - the core of the Democratic party - booing God. 

The Democrats had removed mention of God from their platform, where it had been since time immemorial.  They also removed reference to Jerusalem as the capital of Israel - again, something that has been a staple of Democratic platforms in the past.

This created a huge furor among those not at the convention, including Independents, Democrats and (as you can well imagine) Republicans.  Seeking to quell a political firestorm, President Obama insisted the references be put back in. 

The Chair in an uncomfortable spot.

An amendment to put the two references back in the platform was submitted to a vote on the floor of the convention.  It needed a 2/3 vote to put through.  It was quite obvious, based on the "ayes" and "nays," yelled from the crowd, that the amendment did not have a 2/3 vote of the delegates.  Nevertheless, the chair rammed the amendment through by stating that in his opinion there was a 2/3 majority. 

There was widespread booing.

 Delegate booing.

All in all a fascinating glimpse at the heart and soul of the Democratic Party.

See the event on this link to YouTube.

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  1. An interesting article describing the exact nuances of the political fight that led to the booing is at this website: