Saturday, December 22, 2012


Explain to me again, in simple words,
How we find ourselves, this Advent season,
weeping (once again) for children murdered 
by a young man run amok at a school?

The words and images come ceaselessly
With ads for jello, gum, Depends and cars.
The slaughter of innocents moves product.
We sure do talk a lot, to no effect.

How long until we see the substance, not
The accidents of motive, time and place,
Of opportunity, intent and act?
Maybe we could confess our ignorance?

So quick to question God, so slow to ask
Ourselves (in whom we trust, to whom we pray) - 
What have we wrought?  Why are we so broken?
Maybe we could murmur a contrite prayer?

Ah me, this glist'ning shunt, greased with the fat
dripping from the human sacrifices
We offer every day, every hour - 
Our children for our self-absorbed desires.

On we slide, a bloated, gassy torso,
Pus leaking from a dozen rotting wounds.
On we slide, a circus freak in lipstick,
Wedged in a coffin filled with our own waste.

We gorge on lust, pride, greed, and irony
And expect our children to find meaning.
We adulterate, abort and divorce
And wonder at their madness and despair.
"Ye wander, witless, in your wilderness
Refusing drink from the water of life.
Ye deaf, blind, dumb, ye lame, ye sore smitten -
Drink yet from the river of life and live."
Perhaps it is true we need a savior?
Perhaps we cannot find our way alone?
Perhaps in these tears we could kneel and pray
To the poor baby born on Christmas Day? 


  1. Wonderful poem. Merry Christmas to all the Optimists!

  2. Children continue to die while blind physicians over-treat the symptoms and ignore the root cause - sin! The world needs a Saviour, someone to protect us from the consequence of sin. Sin will reek far more damage, destruction, and loss of life than any crazy person with a gun.
    As I write this there are only two hours of Christmas 2012 remaining in the eastern United States. Make sure your Christmas season is not a Christ-less season. I note that all US government offices were closed today. In addition the postal service did not operate. I would like to point out that this all happened not because of Kwanza, or Hanukkah, or the "Holidays" but is, in fact, due to today being December 25, - Christmas, the day Christians (and apparently the US government) still stop to remember the birth of Christ. So have a MERRY CHRIST MASS and remember - Jesus is the reason for the season!