Saturday, September 28, 2013


I just got done glancing through a couple of popular magazines that cover celebrities.  Call them "WEEPLE." Some celebrity news from the pages of WEEPLE:
  • Two voluptuous sisters are both disappointed in their wealthy but disinterested male consorts, one a basketball player, the other a rapper.  One of sisters, with a new baby, is having trouble with her weight.
  • One 20-year old starlet has been exposing herself in public lately.  She is apparently crushed over a boy-friend who recently left her, and she has decided that public lasciviousness is the way to get over her heartbreak.
  • A not-so-famous former TV star has announced that, at age 50, he is ready to meet "Mrs. Right," get married and have children.
  • The 18-year old half-sister of an alcoholic, drug-addicted and criminal 20-something starlet has just had extensive plastic surgery to look more like her troubled, beautiful half-sister.  Their father has ditched both of their mothers.
  • A TV star wore a dress so low-cut that one of her breasts popped out unexpectedly during a formal event.
  • A 50-year old movie star was angered to meet her 35-year old ex-husband, accompanied by his new 30-year old girlfriend, at a Kabbalah function.  She introduced him to Kabbalah.
People wonder why I follow Christ. I think from now on I will start by having them read WEEPLE.  That should explain it.

WEEPLE expresses a deep truth about human beings - we are sad and have a hard time fulfilling our needs. I think we read WEEPLE because it makes us feel good, since we are not THAT messed up, but what's with that?   I know my heart.  If I had the money and the lack of boundaries that money brings, I could easily be on the cover of WEEPLE.


I thank God for my lack of money and good looks.


  1. Excellent, simple explanation of so much - like why some of us women are drawn to these magazines in the checkout aisle. I don't buy them, but there are times when I hope the check out gal is a little slow with the person in front of me so I can peruse an issue of Weeple.

  2. Well Done!
    I agreed with all!