Saturday, May 9, 2009


Where I live it rains all day.

And at night, it rains, but I'm asleep, so I can't actually say for sure it rains all night. But I think it does. Because sometimes I wake up to the sound of truck tires hissing on the wet blacktop. And I go back to sleep, because it's night, and it's raining.

In the morning I can tell it is daylight because the starless, inky blackness turns to a sodden gray. I lay there staring at the darkness, wondering if it really is the morning. I think a long time about going back to sleep. I don't bother looking out the window. I take a shower, which seems odd. Interior rain, because I just can't get enough of the stuff.

I eat breakfast, I grab an umbrella and I stand in the rain to catch the bus. As I get off the bus I tell the driver "have a good day" and open my umbrella. At work I have a window, thank God. I look out at the rain on the roof tops and the pavement around me. And that's good.

by Rita Crane Photography

All day the sky varies between powerfully dark and a bleak, washed out gray. Sometimes the clouds are at 2,500 feet; sometimes they descend and cover the tops of the towers in town.

But today, my friends, is different!

Today the sky is blue, and the sun shines so brightly through the window above my computer that I am squinting at the screen. I am home, and I am happy. The kids are asleep, but we're going to breakfast soon, and they'll be happy, too.

Today, my friends, is a beautiful day

And baby, I feel fine!

Dear Prudence, won't you come out to play
Dear Prudence, greet the brand new day
The sun is up, the sky is blue
It's beautiful and so are you
Dear Prudence won't you come out to play?

Why yes, Mr. Lennon, I believe I will!