Sunday, October 30, 2011


"Occupy Wall Street" has gotten a lot of coverage lately on TV and in newspapers. As far as I can tell it is directed at people who make lots of money. The idea seems to be that the money makers have done something wrong, and should give the money back. To someone. Not sure who.

If they've done something wrong, I'm all for making them give the money back. So far, the "OCCUPY" movement has been confused on the subject of what they are protesting and what they want done, but it makes good TV.

Anyway, the thought occurred to me that I could adapt this model for other things that actually aggravate me, rather than people working and making money. For instance, how about


It bugs me and I don't particularly understand it. So maybe the Occupy People could give me one day a week on this problem. That's all I'm asking for. They can spend the other 6 days at Wall Street.


These things bug me. I don't know why; they just do. I have one for work, and I hate it. I have no real understanding of the social issues here, but the great thing about the "OCCUPY" movement is that you don't have to understand the issues to "OCCUPY." You just do it, and let everyone know you are peeved.


This is the flip side of "Occupy Wall Street," which is essentially a protest against greed. Envy is greed's miserable twin brother. If greed is Wall Street's mortal sin, envy is the Progressive Movement's mortal sin. So while we are at it,


Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Anger, Greed, Sloth. Deal with them and you've really accomplished something. Ignore them and you die. Simple, really.

I checked with Mrs. Eternal Optimist just now. She adds the following:


Laundry is so frustrating. Always there, always waiting, always a problem, never done. She doesn't feel bad about it, but if the Occupy Folks can solve this one, more power to them.


Mrs. Optimist and I would much prefer the Occupy People get after this problem than after Wall Street. Mrs. Optimist and I do not have much in the way of "investments," other than in the Kingdom of Heaven, where Mrs. Optimist has a substantial 401K, what with the 5 "C" sections and pangs of motherhood and child-rearing. The rate of interest is quite appealing in heaven, and the pension is impervious to waste, fraud, and abuse.

If the Occupy People can get after crazy BCT drivers and the Seven Deadly Sins it would be quite helpful for us, whereas the whole Wall Street thing leaves us entirely disinterested and confused.

I hope this helps. Got to go right now. Mrs. EO has decided to watch another episode of "Foyle's War," a nifty BBC series.


  1. From DT:

    I was going to go to our local Starbucks, so I could Occupy Maple Glen, until I realized that it would be OMG.

  2. I liked your Occupy Wall St. blog. Thought you might enjoy this little interview from Occupy Atlanta. SRF

  3. Excellent. (I feel that I start most of my comments this way, but it seems appropriate.) Right now, as an oppressed victim of a ridiculous power Outage, I would like to Occupy anywhere at all that has electricity. I need a shower. Is that the knd of thIng you have in mind? I can't help feeling that other people are better off than I. Not fair.

  4. Couldn't agree more!

  5. I reckon if people can occupy Wall St. and outside St.Paul's in London and in Glasgow the Council can work with the protesters to find them somewhere more convenient to occupy, then there just isn't a problem with 7 billion people or even 20 billion. We'll all find somewhere to occupy.
    However, my wife was complaining that she would like to be able to occupy the toilet/bathroom for more than 2 minutes without being disturbed. But as there must be scant toilet facilities in Wall St., etc, for all these protesters, but they manage somehow, then my wife's complaint has no bearing on the 7 billion issue. We can all take turns at going and no one should take a book or newspaper.
    Incidentally, if anyone should want to volunteer to occupy our house for an evening, we might get a night out without the children.

  6. Can I clarify my comment? I was referring to the notion that there are too many people on the planet when I mentioned the 7 billion/20 billion thing. If push came to shove (and we're nowhere near that) then I'm sure we'd all find space. Where there's a will there's a way.

  7. Adrian, there will always be room in our home for you and yer clan ;) and I would gladly volunteer to have your children occupy our living room and yard so that you and your Mrs. could get a night out, or better yet - a weekend away.
    Leila, I'm sure that SOMEONE is to blame for your power outage! It is NOT fair. Glad to hear you got a shower though ;)