Friday, March 9, 2012


"Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin."   These were the words written upon the wall.

I wonder if Americans put together the connection between abortion and birth control and the dissolution of their society.  I think not.

Right now we are teetering on the edge of a demographic disaster.  Our society is rapidly getting older and more feeble.  As a result of the explosion of entitlement spending, 40% of our national budget is borrowed money, and that proportion is growing hourly.

Do you think this demographic and financial disaster is unrelated to our having killed 52 million innocent babies?  Really?  You think that is a sweet smell in God's nostrils?

Abortion is a radical form of suicide.  It is people killing their own future, a society murdering itself.  It is a confession that the future holds no hope, and that death is preferable to the misery that life portends.

The logic of abortion is remorseless.  If one may kill a small and helpless baby as a convenience, then what moral outrage is impermissible?  Killing older people, who are not nearly so innocent?  Killing small post-born children, who are even more expensive and troublesome than infants in the womb?

What "wrong" can be forbidden, if it is permissible to torture small babies by bathing them in salt or cutting them in pieces?

And parenthetically, if a people are so glum about the future and so wedded to their present that they are willing to kill their own small babies, of course they will borrow money and not pay it back.  Of course they will ruin the economy their parents gave them.  Of course they will spend all their money, and their children's, and their grand-children's, on their own pleasures.

A majority of Americans elected a man determined to expand the availability of abortion and birth control, to savage the Catholic Church for standing in his way, and to spend enough borrowed money so that America can never, ever pay its way out of debt.  Right now it appears they will elect him again.

This seems foolish.  But we are free to be as foolish as the mood strikes us, to the point of ruining ourselves, our country and our children's lives forever.

Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen.  


  1. So true. And why are we so wedded to the idea of killing the small babies? Because we're not wedded... to each other.
    Somehow marriage got to look like something other than the building of a family in God's eyes. And then all the rest started.
    Want to stop abortion (if it's possible at this late date -- I mean as a way of life -- sort of)? Help people get married.
    All well said, by the way! Blessings to all Chez EO!

  2. I was with you up until you again blamed the national debt on the current president rather that the ass that spent way over and above our defense budget for the sake of oil. But oh, right, those foreign babies who get killed don't count as much as the american ones. I'm not feeling your optimism...

  3. Mama Hare,

    We've killed 52 million babies in America since 1973. That's evil.

    Mr. Obama thinks it's fine, and thinks that abortion is one of our most precious Constitutional rights. I find this repulsive.

    Your reference to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq is puzzling. You seem to be arguing that one cannot object to 52 million abortions in America because 150,000 civilians have died in Iraq and Afghanistan, mostly at the hands of fellow citizens. I disagree.

    Or perhaps you are just falsely accusing me of a kind of racism? I don't care about foreign babies, just American ones? That is, of course knowingly false, and quite reprehensible, if that is in fact your meaning.

    Vis a vis the debt, I think we should only hold Mr. Obama responsible for the 5 trillion in debt spent on his watch. If you want to knock off the TARP debt as a Bush legacy, I'm okay with that. Knock off 1 trillion. 4 trillion is still a pile.

    Eternal Optimist

  4. EO,
    I reference the wars because the deaths caused by wars are endorsed by so-called evangelical Christians and willingly funded by the candidates they choose, which I find repulsive and unaddressed within the church. It is evil to kill babies. And, it's evil to kill any other age human being. Just because we have a "constitutional right to bear arms" does not mean that a follower of Jesus should own or use a gun on any individual. Jesus wouldn't, of that I am certain. It's not about rights, it's about what's right. Loving our enemies is right.

    No, I do not accuse you of racism, I know that you care about all babies. As I read your words, though, I do not "feel the love" for all people, and that saddens me. I can't agree with you on these issues, so it's best to stay away from the exposure to them, so I respectfully stop following Eternal Optimist.

  5. MH,
    It seems I do not understand what you are saying. Perhaps it would be better to offer you a cup of coffee and some lunch and just listen to what you are telling me.

  6. Some years ago, (1976 to be exact), I had a brief soiree into the world of professional journalism. During that time I had an opportunity to be present at an interview with Mother Teresa when a journalist asked, “ What do you think is the greatest threat to mankind?” Without hesitation she responded, “abortion!”

    At first glance this seemed a case of a politically savvy nun taking opportunity to score some free press publicity for a pet peeve issue.

    Surely I thought, with the threat of global warming, economic uncertainty, and political unrest around the world, she must realize that survival of the species is facing a much bigger problem than abortion.

    Well, fast-forward 35 years. Mother Teresa is dead but her prophetic insight remains compelling.

    As if 52 million dead American babies, (not to mention Chinese and other nations), were not enough an indictment, consider the 52 million plus American men and women whose collective conscience has been so sorely seared that it no longer even protests what I must now agree is clearly the greatest threat to mankind.

    This remarkable nun and others like her have correctly discerned the true sadistic nature of abortion. In what has become the greatest act of infanticide since the days of Hinnom and Molech we must measure the damage to humanity not only in the body count of the unborn but also in the devastation and corruption of the human spirit.

    It is from this vantage point that we see the greatest threat to our species. It is from this vantage point we can see and understand the paralyses of so many world leaders in confronting the likes of Assad, Pot Pol, Kim Jong Il and others who so easily commit serial murder with no conscious remorse.

    Mankind was created to live forever! We will survive the death of the body – not so the Spirit.

  7. Thank you for recounting your experience with Mother Teresa. She had a way of getting to the point.

  8. You seem to be arguing that one cannot object to 52 million abortions in America because 150,000 civilians have died in Iraq and Afghanistan, mostly at the hands of fellow citizens.

    If you think that only 150K died, then you are a nationalist before you are anything else because you are willfully being blind to the truth. The real number is more like 750K. We are slaughtering entire wedding parties in Pakistan by our drones. If you cannot connect that we spend more on the military industrial complex than on education and healthcare which leads to immoral behavior, i.e., drug abuse, abortion, gangs, etc., then again, your loyalty is not to the Most High, but to a flag.

  9. Dear Anonymous,
    The figure 150,000 was derived from non-partisan websites. Unless you think the Campaign for Innocent Victims in Conflict is willfully blind, the figure 150,000 is on the high side. The CIVC figure is 100,000 civilians since 2003.
    It won't do to simply change the subject to Iraq when someone starts talking about abortion. Calling me a "nationalist," "willfully blind" and disloyal to the Most High still doesn't make abortion right. If the war in Iraq were the most unjust in history - and I doubt that is the case - it still would not justify 52 million slaughtered children.

  10. Have you all read Horse Soldiers by Doug Stanton? The Taliban were pure evil to their own people... heartless evil. A few dozen US soldiers changed that.