Sunday, March 11, 2012


Where are we now?

We have a President and a Congress who have supplied themselves with the power to command me to buy insurance from a company that will use it to pay for abortions.  This is a twisted and round about way of making me pay for someone else's abortions.

I choose not to do this.  I want my representatives to allow me not to do this.  They voted on this last week.

Senator Boxer says that I want to send us back to the "medical dark ages."  Senator Lautenberg says my course of action will give women only one option: "barefoot and pregnant."

These are, of course, lies.  Big, blowzy lies.  Under Senator Lautenberg's and Senator Boxer's whacky alternate reality, if I choose not to practice birth control and abortion, or pay for it, I am condemning everyone around me to the "medical dark ages," and forcing women to be "barefoot and pregnant."

I propose a new word usage, "to Lautenberg" (verb, transitive):

"a big lie designed to divert attention from a damaging political miscalculation."  

May I ask that my elected officials stop Lautenberging and let me practice my religion in peace?

As Senator Lautenberg well knows,  I do not ask anyone to practice my religion for me.  I do ask that I be allowed to practice my religion without Senator Lautenberg or President Obama forcing me to pay for abortions in violation of my religious beliefs.

I don't know why my elected officials have such a hard time with such a simple concept.  Tommy Jefferson, Jim Madison and the rest of the gang had no difficulties with it.  Congress and the American public had no trouble with the concept when they adopted the First Amendment back in 1791.

Apparently the First Amendment is part of Senator Lautenberg's "Dark Ages."

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