Saturday, February 4, 2012


When Eternal Optimist was a young boy, he lived in a foreign land where they spoke a beautiful and enchanted tongue (una lengua linda y encantada).  He learned a song at church that always charmed him.  It sounded like a nursery song one sang for little children at nighttime.

One day many years later EO translated that song into English, on a whim, and was surprised and astonished at the enormous power of the song's words.

Here is EO's translation of the song, with the original words, and a link to a YouTube version.  The lyrics in the YouTube version by Ricardo Rodriguez vary slightly from those I learned when I was young, but I enjoyed his version more than any of the others I heard.

How glorious the morning will be
When Jesus the Savior comes again
The nations united as sisters -
we will give our welcome to the Lord.

There will be no need
For the light's brilliance, 
Nor will the sun give forth his light, 
and neither his heat.
There will be no tears,
Nor sadness, nor pain,
For in that day Jesus
The king of heaven
Will console us forever.

We hope and wait for that glorious morning
To give our welcome to the God of love,
From whom all will be colored as the roses
in the sacred fragrance of the Lord.

The Christian faithful and true,
And also the worker, full of courage,
And the church, the bride of the Lamb - 
We will all be in the arms of the Lord.

Cuan gloriosa será la mañana
Cuando venga Jesús el Salvador
Las naciones unidas como hermanas
Bienvenida daremos al Señor

No habrá necesidad
De la luz el resplandor
Ni el sol dará su luz,
Ni tampoco su calor.
Allí llanto no habrá,
Ni tristeza ni dolor,
Porque entonces Jesus
El rey del cielo
Para siempre será Consolador

Esperamos la mañana gloriosa
Para dar la bienvenida al Dios de amor
Donde todo será color de rosa
En la santa fragancia del Señor

El cristiano fiel y verdadero
Y también el obrero de valor
Y la iglesia esposa del Cordero 
Estaran en los brazos del Señor.

Here's the link, or you can play it directly, below (sorry about the tech issues).


  1. Love this song. I can hear a bunch of happy little children singing it in my head.

  2. Beautiful translation, I have added it to my video on youtube: " Mariachi: Cuán gloriosa será la mañana • How glorious the morning will be {es en pr}. " Many thanks & blessings. GloriaaJC channel